Pigeons kinda know it all.

Think about it.

Pigeon Loop is an invite only email marketing service. Think MailChimp, but pigeons. We are built on top of Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) to improve deliverability and personalize the overall experience for you and your subscribers.


What does Pigeon Loop offer?

Subscriber management 
Signup forms 
List segmentation 
Custom fields 
Near endless integrations 


At this point you may be saying “wow, that is really cool, how do I get started?” About that. Pigeon Loop was created by a guy who knew that email really wasn’t rocket science, wanted better deliverability on a service not shared with spammers, and wanted to save a buck. Pigeon Loop was created to support that guy, his friends who run awesome businesses, and just a handful of like minded referrals.

So, for the sake of quality, Pigeon Loop is an invite only service.